about clover and the bees

about kristen

Not long after graduating from the Fashion Institute of Technology, I stumbled into the world of event blooms and never looked back. 

Now, I’ve been flowering events for almost half my life and have experience slingin’ flowers in just about every setting you can imagine all across Long Island and beyond.

I have witnessed cycles of trends and many changes in both the wedding and floral industry, all of which has shaped me as a designer and entrepreneur. I would describe my flowering style as organic, whimsy and timeless. I like to let the seasons do the talking. 

I am a wife, mother of two, and a creative in many aspects. When I am not flowering, I am baking, gardening, foraging or thrifting (a.k.a. ‘treasure hunting’, as my daughter calls it). 


about clover & the bees

My life has been entwined with flowers for so long, that both of my children have had the fortune of growing up in a flower shop and now have a front row seat watching as I grow my home-based studio.

They are my greatest inspiration for clover & the bees. My son, born in March is my clover, and my daughter, who’s nickname is Bees.

This is a homegrown studio. Here, we believe love is love. 

So much of my life is built into what I do. My husband is the cooler-builder extraordinaire. My daughter peels rose petals; my son builds flower box forts. I often cut flowers from my garden to include in bouquets and centerpieces when possible. I work in the in-betweens throughout my day, and this certainly leads to a more relaxed and personal experience.

My own garden provides constant inspiration and fuels my desire to continue learning and practicing sustainability: sourcing seasonal and local blooms, offering rentals, re-using mechanics and reducing reliance on foam and waste whenever possible.

I know this needs to become an industry standard, which is why adopting these practices these practices are so important to me; especially a livelihood that relies so much on nature.